Why Use Horserail®?

Why Use Horserail® For Your Horse Fencing?

  • Affordability & Longevity
  • Easy Electrification
  • Safest horse fencing on the market
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • No maintenance or painting!

Why Use Horserail®?

For over 30 years Horserail® has been keeping horses safe and contained in their yards and paddocks across the world by challenging the status norm of fencing requirements.  We recognise a lot of properties stick to the status norm of post and rail fencing but if your property is in need of a fencing overhaul and want to look outside the box we’ll address your questions here.

Affordability of Horserail® Fencing:

Everyone’s got a budget to adhere to and with Horserail® products there is a variety of setups to work with any bottom line.

  • Less posts! Our super strong product needs less support from expensive uprights, traditional post and rail need a post roughly every 2.4m where we can almost double that distance.
  • Easy Install! Expensive and hard-to-find contractors are a thing of the past with Horserail® as anyone (and we mean anyone) can buckle and strain this product up.
  • Our electrifiable Hotcote will cost about $1.60-$1.80 per metre and that’s including attachments!
  • Less Vet costs! Rest easy that your beloved animals will injure themselves significantly less, Horserail® products can safely take the weight of a panicked animal with minimal injuries to be seen.

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Best Horse Fencing


Whether you’re fencing yards and paddocks for Agistment, Spelling, Breeding, Training or a beloved family pet you’ll love how those small (and sometimes large) injuries disappear from your animals.

3x super strong high tensile wires molecularly bonded to premium grade polyethylene mean a panicked animal can hit it at full force and it’ll catch them and put them back in their rightful place.  Even if they managed to get themselves tangled; the ‘give’ of the product means there is no risk of limbs being bent at weird and unnatural angles.

Strongest fencing on the market


The first properties in Australia put this product up 25 years ago and it’s still standing today!  Let that sink in….you put up a fence and don’t have to worry about replacing it for over 20 years, there is no other system on the market that can claim that.

  • Horserail® fencing 4” wide products come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The electrifiable sighter wire Hotcote fencing comes with a 30-year warranty
  • Horserail® fencing products are UV stabilised premium polyethylene and can take anything our extreme climate can throw at it.
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Ease of Install

Once your posts are installed the hard part is done!  We have a wealth of information to help with the completion of your Horserail® fencing system:

  • Every delivery of Horserail® fencing products will include a folder with instructions on every buckle and spooler in the system
  • We have extensive YouTube install videos
  • We’re always just a phone call away with any questions!

No Maintenance or Painting

  • Due to Horserail® UV stabilisation and 3x high tensile wires, the product won’t sag! Beware of many imitators on the market, with proper post installation this product will stay firm its entire life
  • Our products won’t fade or lose their colour…more money to be saved from expensive repainting tasks on your traditional post and rail fencing that only lasts a few months in our savage climate.
  • At most you may want to tighten our spooler tensioners once a year but most of our customers report never having to touch their Horserail® fencing system
  • If a tree falls across your Horserail® fencing system you’ll most likely need to spend all of 10mins repairing the fenceline….once the timber is cleared away it’ll spring back up with minimal damage inflicted.
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Easy Electrification

No need for ugly standoffs on your fencing system with Horserail®! Our products have a carbon strip running along the top of the rail which is electrified by attaching your lead out cable to the buckle at your fence post.  Easy, long-lasting and neat!

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