Horserail®: The best horse fencing on the market.

The longest-lasting & safest horse fencing solution.

  • Longest lasting fencing with a 30-year warranty
  • Most cost-effective (works with any budget)
  • Safest horse fencing on the market
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Smooth and flat (combine your electrics with great looking fencing rail)

What is Horserail®?

Horserail® is a product line of coated fencing rail and wire fence that is the strongest, safest and longest-lasting electric fencing available. Designed to resemble traditional post and rail fencing but with none of the drawbacks, Horserail® has been saving horses lives and limbs for nearly 30 years. Engineered and built with only the finest materials, make the next time you fence the last time you fence.

Hotcote® and Hottop® are suitable for all your fencing requirements, including stud farms, training and veterinarian facilities, paddocks and pastures, arenas, hobby farms, day yards, round yards and lifestyle fencing.

Hottop® - 4" Electrified Rail

Hottop® and Hottop Plus® are Horserail's patented electrified fencing option. Always tight and never sagging, this fencing system will resemble a post and rail but have none of the drawbacks. Made with UV stabilised premium grade polyethylene that is molecularly bonded to high tensile steel wires that conducts electricity to a carbon strip, your Horserail Hottop® fencing will protect your animals whilst also protecting your investment.

Hotcote® - Electrified Coated Wire

Gone are the days of dangerous exposed wire fencing with an added ugly electric stand-off, with Horserail's Hotcote® coated wire products you've got it all in one! Featuring UV stabilised premium grade polyethylene molecularly bonded to a high tensile wire, there are four carbon strips that electrify your fencing to ensure nothing goes out or in that, you don't want! Other wire products will potentially cause great harm to your animals should they go into the fencing.

Benefits and features of Horserail® Fencing:

Horserail’s flexible polyethylene is extremely strong, safe and durable. Horserail® has a manufacturers warranty to up to 30 years. No cracking, painting, or splintering to repair. Horserail® products are easy to install with low on-going maintenance and no painting required.

Cost effective fencing

Due to its longevity and easy install/maintenance, your Horserail® fence will be a serious investment in your properties future.

Post and Rail fencing requires more posts, is a harder install, is expensive to repair and will start to fall apart after 5-10 years. Other cheaper plastic imitations on the market will sag and crack after only 2-3 years.

Horserail® guarantees decades of safe, strong and durable horse fencing.


Horserail® offer a manufacturers warranty of up to 30 years on the Hotcote® products and 20 years on the Hottop® product line.

Horserail® has been enjoyed by Australian customers for over twenty years now with no failed systems.

Horse safety

Horserails commitment to safety is paramount. 

Because the high tensile wires have been molecularly bonded to the polyethylene (not ‘machine bonded!) it means the wires can never come free of their housing and wrap around your horses legs. 

The Horserail® rail products can easily withstand the weight and power of a panicked animal, catching them and taking away the momentum and keeping them from harm.

Strength and durability

Make the next time you fence, the last time you fence.

Due to the high quality of products used, customers of Horserail products can rest assured their fencing efforts will be rewarded with multiple decades of strong fencing. The UV stabilised polyethylene can handle all the extremes the Australian climate can throw at it, and the strong bonding of high tensile wires to the plastic means it can handle high impacts all whilst maintaining a fantastic look.

Why Polyethylene fencing?

Fencing contractors and land owners across the country agree that the quality of pine coming out of timber mills has drastically declined over the last decade.

Arsenic levels in ‘treated pine’ has reduced, meaning its not as protected from the elements and pine trees are now cut down based on height, not their age.

PVC and other lesser plastics are simply not cut out to deal with the extremes of the Australian climate despite the claims of imitation products.

Premium grade Polyethylene is UV stabilised, rust and corrosion free, contains no harmul chemicals, is extremely strong yet still lightweight and flexible.  When it comes to plastics the old adage remains true, you get what you pay for.

Easy to install and low maintenance

One of the main advantages of Horserail® products is how DIY friendly they are.

All orders come with instruction pamphlets for their patented buckles and spooler systems, we have a gallery of videos to view and we’re only a phone call away!

Other systems will have you constantly trying to tighten them up, with Horserail being virtually maintenance free you can expect to only have to check the systems once a year.

Even then the majority of Horserail® customers report never having to touch their systems, in the unfortunate event of a tree falling on the fenceline or a natural disaster most systems can be fixed in 10 minutes with one joining buckle.

Built to last: Horserail®

No other fencing rail on the Australian market uses a flexible polyethylene.

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About Equine Fencing Australia

Equine Fencing Australia was established in early 2019 to provide the Australian rural fencing market a consistent, safe, cost-effective and durable fencing product by importing Horserail® from the USA.

Whether it be a small block with one horse keeping the grass height down, a large stud with hundreds of horses or an agistment property with showjumping, dressage and family pets abound; Equine Fencing can supply a fencing system that takes the pain out of equine fencing projects.


The flexibility, smoothness and strength of this rail protects the horse and rider and provides a long lasting, attractive fence that requires little maintenance.


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